Promac Solution Inc

9916 Bundoran Dr, Austin, Tx 78717
fax (323)-908-1134

Our Training program offers various Information Technology courses with a focus on developing Business Professionals, Software Programmers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Database Administrators and Unix/Linux System Administrators. Our instructors are IT professionals who possess expert knowledge, practical experience and the ability to communicate their knowledge and skills effectively.

Our goal is to ensure each participant leaves our training program acquiring the necessary skill and confidence to deliver the support you need as well as with an understanding of how your specific applications are important to achieve success in business. Our training programs meet the needs of our clients. The following are some of the highlights: To integrate our client's specific needs with our training programs Deliver training that builds and develops deep technical expertise in all application areas. Maximize the cost effectiveness of the training program. Our instructors will work with you to develop an understanding of your course objectives and identify the specific topics that need to be emphasized for your environment Classes are available throughout the year

We focus on variety of training programs for consultants with the advent of the new information technology that helps the consultants to sharpen their existing skills to take advantage of new technologies and work globally.
* Our training includes advance courses:
* WebSphere Portal
* Web Services
* Quality Assurance
* Dataware House

An Equal Opportunity Employer.