Promac Solution Inc

9916 Bundoran Dr, Austin, Tx 78717
fax (323)-908-1134

If these are some of the things that describe you, and you are looking for like-minded people, we welcome you to join us. Our employees display a wide variety of skills and backgrounds to come together to create talented teams of problem solvers. We realize that our employee resources are our greatest assets, and value them accordingly by providing them with competitive compensation, excellent life and health care benefits, and long term career growth prospects in our company. We believe that in challenging ourselves, we create an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity and innovation, limited only by our personal boundaries. Achieving the right mix of technology, innovation, training and processes, not only creates a stable environment, but also encourages a deeper understanding based on learning. The open and transparent environment that exists within the organization fosters a sense of belongingness among its employees and is a constant reminder that the company is dedicated to establishing a long-term stable association with its employees.

We are looking for candidates with the right background for the following software development and consulting position(s):
* Software Engineer
* Programmer
* Systems Analyst
* Database Administrator
* Systems Administrator
* Network Administrator

An Equal Opportunity Employer.